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Welcome, my wonderful readers, follower bloggers and writers. How we use social media is changing, how we market ourselves and our books is changing. In an industry that’s fast moving and constantly evolving it’s easy to get stuck. What used to work no longer brings results. In this post, I’ll share what works.

I’m back after taking a short hiatus from most of social media while me and my husband moved business premises. Our welding and fabrication unit is now located in the best of rural Wales, surrounded by beautiful countryside. It’s been a yearlong project and we’re both relieved and grateful to finally be set up and running. Phew.

I’ve had plenty of time while decorating to consider my approach to being a blogger and a writer. Media like Facebook has become a place that holds little engagement for me, whereas, Instagram and Twitter has become an interactive, positive place. But as the algorithms get updated, we must get savvy too. I love to watch YouTube clips to get the lowdown on what’s new and how to implement them.

photo credit: Social Media Marketing Mix via photopin (license)
photo credit: Social Media Marketing Mix via photopin (license)

Thankfully, my community of writers and bloggers has always been a supportive, caring place. The rules for blogging have remained the same; write great content, use amazing images, and most importantly – reach out to your fellow bloggers by reading their posts and commenting. Easy peezy.

If you’re considering becoming a blogger, know that you’re in good company. Having a website, a place where you can be authentic and creative, is a fantastic way to develop your brand and become established. Any content that you create on WordPress can be shared to a wide range of your social media accounts, making it a smart approach to marketing.

Creating a Logline for a Novel, The Perfect Pitch

Finally, a step that I’m about to embark upon, is to learn how to market books. In the last three years that I’ve been blogging, I haven’t had to consider this yet, because I’m still in the query trenches with my manuscript. But one day, hopefully soon, I’ll have a published novel ready to market. And starting to implement a marketing strategy at that point will be too late. So fellow writers who are in the same boat as me, drafting, editing and querying, lets test out the waters and read posts, books and take marketing workshops so that we’re ready to go.

How do you cope with the ever changing demands of marketing? Please share your experience, you know I love hearing from you.

Thanks for stopping by, until next time, Much Love.

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  1. Andrew McDowell2d agoBest of luck with everything!Reply1Like
    1. Lorraine AmbersAndrew McDowell2d agoThank you, Andrew. Reply1Like
      1. Andrew McDowellLorraine Ambers2d agoYou’re welcome.Reply1Like
  2. aimeredleaf2d agoGreat post! I am in the same boat as you about starting the blog and getting out into the community while (or before, in my case) writing a book. And I am doing just as you are- reading, listening, absorbing tips wherever I find them! The whole idea of managing business social media and still staying in touch with my personal accounts is quite daunting, but I’m confident that as I get more comfortable with the platforms I’ve chosen that it will lessen. Time management, right? Thanks again, and best of luck!Reply1Like
    1. Lorraine Ambersaimeredleaf2d agoThat’s wonderful, you’re right on the edge of starting a new adventure.
      You can absolutely manage all of these things, just start small, one account at a time.
      I love that you’re researching too, it sounds as if you’re ready to take the next step. Good luck.ReplyLike
  3. Paul Bowler2d agoI’ve recently taken a break to rest after an operation. I’ll get back to blogging in the new year. Like you, I don’t find Facebook that good a place, but I enjoy Twitter, and might look into Instagram as well. I still think the key to blogging is interaction and building a community of fellow bloggers and writers. It such a great and positive space to share and be creative.Reply2Likes
    1. Lorraine AmbersPaul Bowler2d agoI completely agree with you Paul. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Reply1Like
      1. Paul BowlerLorraine Ambers2d agoThank you. I’m well on the mend now. Wishing you all the best with your future plans Reply1Like
  4. justinemanzano2d agoHi Lorraine!I’ve been following for a long time, but I tend to lurk and never comment. LOLAfter some time buried in the query trenches and just generally keeping social media things running in the background, I, too, am about to embark on the journey into marketing. My first novel is coming out in July.A toast to you as we navigate this bumpy road together. I’ll share what works for me when I figure it out. Reply1Like
    1. Lorraine Ambersjustinemanzano2d agoThat’s amazing, congratulations. Yes, please do share your tips, journey and tell us all about your new BOOK. I’m a lurker on other social media, so your not alone there. ReplyLike
  5. K.M. Allan2d agoGreat tips, as usual, Rainy. Hope you enjoyed the break and got all your painting done .Reply1Like
    1. Lorraine AmbersK.M. Allan2d agoYes, finally finished. Reply1Like
  6. M.L. Davis2d agoFantastic tips as ever, Rainy! Best of luck with your blogging and marketing – I’m so excited for the day your work gets published! xxReplyLike
  7. Bryan Fagan1d agoYou are one busy person, I see. Happy to hear your project is finished. Yes, good old marketing. So much to learn and to be honest, I have discovered the learning part never ends. You said it best in terms of marketing yourself: Write good content, engage with fellow writers and visit their blogs.Reply1Like
    1. Lorraine AmbersBryan Fagan1h agoThanks, Bryan. And yes, there’s sooo much to learn. ReplyLike
  8. H.R.R. Gorman8h agoWhat’s your opinion: is it better to do one social media type well, or is it better to do three halfheartedly

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